I’m Calvin Zhong. I create things as an (aspiring) engineer, architect, and social-scientist at MIT.

Soft House–

In collaboration with Echelman, Mueller, Feldman Option Studio

Architecture, Design Research

Architecture Portfolio–

Completed throughout a B.S. Architecture at MIT


How to Make (Almost) Anything–

+ Fellow Students in 2015

+ Students Taught in 2016 and in 2017.

Digital Fabrication, Design Research

New Lab–

In collaboration with Mari Kussman and Jess Zhang

UX Design, Product Design, Digital Fabrication

Envisioning FLOAT–

Completed in The Human Factor in Innovation and Design Strategy

Human-Centered Design, Digital Work

Digital Design Fabrication Group–

In collaboration with Professor Larry Sass and Ines Ariza

Architecture, Design Research, Digital Fabrication

aQRium Goals–

In collaboration with Michelle Gelberger

UX Design, Design Research, Digital Work, Human-Centered Design


In collaboration with Max Justicz and Weston Braun.

Product Design, Human-Centered Design