Envisioning FLOAT–

In Prof. Lee Moreau's class, The Human Factor in Innovation and Design Strategy, I designed a contemporized web experience and physical experience, with a service blueprint that will improve the experience and hopefully set a new bar for Floating.

I chose to examine Float Boston, a floation therapy center, and revamp their image to be more contemporary. From its outdated colors, web experience, and unconventional language, Float seemed to not appeal to many in the Cambridge area.

Augmenting the existing site with interactive elements and guiding the navigation, a new website was created to feel more contemporary, simplified, and refreshing.

However, the web experience soon became too disparate from the physical experience and it called for the physical experience to be reinterpreted as well. Assembling a new service blueprint and new interiors changed Float Boston to be more welcoming and more aligned with the relaxation experience.

Using ethnographic research; principles of Human Centered Design; and ideating, iterating, and prototyping through various ideas, the final proposal was presented in the presentation below.