What is floating?

A float tank is a small shallow pool filled with water nearly saturated with Epsom salt, so it's dense like the Dead Sea. You float completely effortlessly. The tank is kept warm, body temperature, and it's enclosed so it's completely dark and quiet.

It's your own private world. It's utterly relaxing.

Is it really helpful?

Other names for float tanks include isolation tanks, sensory deprivation tanks, and R.E.S.T. – which stands for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (or Technique).

They all involve floating in ten to twelve inches of warm water semi-saturated with Epsom salt — 800 lbs to a tank! The Epsom salts increase the density of the water to greater than the Dead Sea, allowing you to float effortlessly — easily keeping your nose and mouth above the waterline.

Ready to Book?

First-time Floaters can try it out for a reduced price.

Memberships and Pricing

Name Description Price
First Time One sixty minute float. 45.00
One Hour Float One sixty minute float. 60.00
Long Float One ninety-minute float. 75.00
Monthly Floater One 90-minute float a month. 600.00
Weekly Floater One 90-minute float a week. 2000.00

How should I prepare?

Book your float time in advance.

Avoid caffeine or nicotine.

Avoid shaving or waxing. If your skin is still irritated when you get in the tank, the salt water will sting.

If you have long hair, bring your brush.

Don't let your stomach distract you. You don't want to arrive starving, and also not to arrive with indigestion from a heavy meal.

Getting Here

Bike, walk, T, or drive here.

Free parking is available around Trum Field on Broadway, a couple blocks walk away from FLOAT.

Let yourself enjoy the slow-moving floaty feeling you'll probably have when you get out of the tank.