How to Make (Almost) Anything–

+ Fellow Students in 2015
+ Students Taught in 2016
+ Students Taught in 2017

Class Page from 2015–

I originally took the class in 2015, where casting week was my favorite. I have TA'd the class in 2016 & 2017.

The Lazy Bartender–

Our 3-axis bartending machine, a group project from Machine Building week.


In the summer of 2015, I helped out with Fab11 and set up a fab lab in Shenzhen with Dan Chen, James Coleman, and Nadya Peek.

Hotel Room Fab–

We also built some machines in our hotel room. Dan Chen documented that with these videos!

Making Machines that Make–

Working with the machines of James Coleman and Nadya Peek, I helped with organizing the Fab12 workshop with David Cranor and Luciano Betoldi.


Following some logistical issues, we decided to build new machines, from scratch in Shenzhen. This included gathering the first batch of electronics, get custom boards made, buy test equipment, tools, and parts, to recreate both the mechanical parts and electronics.


We redesigned the workshop to be a machine-building pop-up factory in the hotel. Just in time for the closing day of the conference, we had 25 single-axis reconfigurable stages made, all programmed and ready to go.