An Evening at New Lab–

In collaboration with Mari Kussman and Jess Zhang.

The New Lab Honorary Member Hardware-Centric Starter Kit was presented as a dinner centerpiece as an introduction to the New Lab space.

UX Design, Product Design, Digital Fabrication

New Lab was just opening when I joined the team to help set up their prototyping labs and develop curricula for their lab as the Product Realization Associate.

Attendees were presented with these boxes, filled with designed objects to represent the New Lab brand.

I led the fabrication and consideration of manufacturability of these objects, and we all collaborated on the experience of the New Lab dinner.

Along with the box, we presented an instruction manual created by graphic designer Jess Zhang.

85% of the takeaways were produced in-house, including the box of gifts for the event. 25 sets were created and by hand with the New Lab team.