Nucleus Scientific Human Factors Team

Director of Design:
+ Grant Kristofek
Mechanical Engineer:
+ Christiana Rosales
Fellow Intern:
+ Luke Gray
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I worked as one of two Mechanical Engineering Interns during the summer of 2017. During the three months I worked there, I conducted research on human factors, ergonomics, and designing for the human form. My process began with understanding, researching, paper and low-fidelity prototypes, evaluating, and redesigning. Luke and I worked collaboratively on mechanisms, parts, and sourcing. Personally, I also was interested in the design and marketing side, as well.

I independently worked on several components of the interior of a novel concept technology, defining its new parameters, topologies, and experiences. Thinking forward into the future, the project had to both be mechanically and aesthetically sound, be designed for manufacturing, and be ready for showroom purposes and demonstrations. With Luke, we also designed and fabricated a 37.5:1 gearbox with a bevel and worm gear that locks with reverse loading.

Nucleus Scientific is currently working in stealth mode, so I am unfortunately unable to share my work. Here's some more information via TechCrunch.

Main Responsibilities:

+ Material testing (aluminum, fixturing, epoxies, fiberglass, carbon fiber, natural felts, plastics)

+ Visualization and Conceptual Proposal (renderings, sketching, idea generation, manufacturing workflows)

+ Design and fabrication (CAD to FEA to low-fidelity prototypes, to full scale prototypes)

+ Design thinking and human factor considerations (ergonomics, experience)

+ Conceptual branding, design guidelines, and marketing (example below)