Soft House Option Studio–

The Soft House project is the culmination of an interdisciplinary studio-workshop taught at MIT in Spring 2017 by an artist, Janet Echelman, a structural designer, Caitlin Mueller, and a software entrepreneur, David Feldman.

Soft House explores themes related to content, form, material, and structure through the lens of an installation for Philip Johnson’s Glass House site in New Canaan, CT.

My personal contributions to the Soft House project include design and conceptual development, the robotics work, photogrammetry research, developing and documenting construction methods, and installation.

In contrast with hard materials that go where they are told and behave rigidly once placed, soft materials and systems contribute to the creation of form through the specifics of their physical behavior: how they drape, bend, hang, stretch, and grow offers avenues for formal possibilities, and also constraints.

The installation materializes and synthesizes many of the ideas explored during the semester, and also makes clear the technical challenges and visual opportunities of attaining formal precision with a soft material system embedded in a natural landscape.