Option Studio: Soft Structure Meets Glass House


+ Janet Echelman
+ Caitlin Mueller
+ David Feldman
+ Pierre Cuvilliers


+ Natalie Bellefleur
+ Xhulio Binjaku
+ Frank Fang
+ Joe Faraguna
+ Ciera Gordon
+ Kylie Kawano
+ Annie Hughes
+ Khaoula Msaaf
+ Marco Rosero
+ Jingwen Wang
+ Calvin Zhong
+ Yifen Zhong

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The following book was edited and curated by Natalie Bellefleur and I, and includes work from the 12 collaborators. My personal contributions to the Soft House project include design and conceptual development, the robotics work, photogrammetry research, developing and documenting construction methods, and installation.

My full architectural portfolio from previous studios can be found here.

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